November 16 Training Report

by: Madhu Nagaraja


Madhu, Mark and Loren discussion the days swim plan

Madhu, Mark and Loren discussion the days swim plan

We survived a really cold swim this morning: Distance - 650 mts, water temperature 3C and Air temperature -6C. We were all strong this morning and were pushing each other to swim further. Made a wise call to stop the swim at 650mts, although we could've pushed it. Walking out to the beach it felt like I was wearing 200lb clogs! With -6C air temperature, I was loosing control of my fingers within minutes. Thanks to Mark for bringing a tent that sheltered us from the cold wind. 

Loren and Mark were quickly able to get dressed and I was the one who was struggling to get back to normal. Mike and Steve took control of the situation and got me dressed. A great swim. A great confidence booster. We would not have survived this swim without Steve and Mike's help on the beach.

We all loved the swim this morning. We got in and immidiately started to swim. I'm beginning to like the cold water!!! It is a nice feeling to stay in the water as the air temperature is colder than the water temp. It is nice to feel all the muscles working hard to pull the water. It is magical that we are able to do this. Last year we were all struggling to swim in below 10C. Now we are pushing to swim below 5C. We could do this only because of the support on the beach - Thanks Mike and Steve for always being there and jumping into action right away.

Thanks for all the support. We need a lot of help to get through this training. Thanks for all the emails, comments etc.

You can see a few of the images from this weekends training below, or the full photoset on our Flickr page at:

We leave you today with this poem from Brian Findlay, written for Madhu on his birthday:

There's one more ring on a tree
There's less bone there for me
As we age with a smile
To swim just one more mile.

But our dreams they remain
For we soon forget pain
So the next swim for my mate
Is Magellan's fair Strait.

Enjoy your BIRTHDAY Old Pal