We know GREAT people!

Anyone who has met Madhu knows what a great guy he is - but that does not stop us from marvelling at the support that we are seeing for this swim!


On November 14, Harvinder Dev opened up her beautiful home to a group of more than 30 ladies for a fundraising event for Madhu.  It involved a painting class, wine, a raffle, wine, friends, and did I mention wine? Great fun was had by all, some great art was produced, and Madhu took a moment to thank everyone and speak briefly about the crossing attempt. The question again and again by the women was "Why?"

This is not a question with one single answer, or an easy one to pin down, but we tried, and you can read about it here: Why The Straits of Magellan?

Our deepest thanks to the fundraising committee of Lucy Rasmussen, Kim Czender, Harvinder Dev and Suman Joseph for the hard work in putting this event together, to the businesses that donated products and gift certificates, and of course, to everyone that came to this event and had a great time!

There are still a few tickets left for our next event on December 6th - go here for more details