A Quick Swim...

By: Loren King

A quick swim this morning with Madhu Nagaraja, as we do most weekends this season, often with Mark Bintley and with plenty of help from some extraordinary area athletes and enthusiasts such as Steve Ellison, Mike Morton, Alan Swankie, Rob Kent, Alex McMillin, David Bee, Lynn De Lathouwer-Rodgers, Miguel Vadillo, Lisa Neidrauer Brett Titus, Claudia Sofia Policarpo, and many, many others who are passionate about open water swimming.

Madhu is training for the Magellan Strait in late-January 2015: www.itsnotaboutswimming.com (I won't be along on this trip, alas). We had Steve Ellison and Titi Postma keeping things in order on shore patrol this morning (thanks!!).

Today was 4-5C in the water, but moderate air temperatures for late November. The conditions were mixed and, while you wouldn't want to be drinking too much of the stuff (thanks Canada Geese ... aren't you supposed to migrating south?), definitely swimmable.

The Great Lakes continue to face many challenges, but things have been improving, even in some of the most stressed parts of the ecosystem. With small steps from several levels of government in Canada and the US, and especially thanks to the tireless advocacy of groups like Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, the lakes continue to be sites of beauty and wonder and fun, and crazy cold swims, past our typical swimming season up here (lostswimming.com).

If you find yourself in the greater Toronto region, bring your kit and come on out!

Photography: Titi Postma