Saturday December 20, 2015 Swim Report

Some of you might have seen Loren's video on Facebook and here is my version of the swim: It was a beautiful morning, calm lake, bright sun, clear water and birds (geese, ducks, swans) on the far end of the park in the water. I have seen this before and I knew right away that the water will be mean cold (colder than 2C). I'm already in a mindframe that this is not happening today, I say that (a negative one) to loren and he agrees with me right away. 

I go through my ritual of earplugs, cap and goggles. The air temp is mean cold as well. We walk into the lake and I'm thinking today's swim is going to be a quick dip. But, Steve, Marty, Darren, Mike, Brian, Alan and France (and Stephanie) have a different plan - they were thinking of pushing us as far as possible. Loren as always walks into the lake with this energy of a Rockstar walking onto the stage - I have tried to simulate it but failed (I'm in a different headspace. I believe, my conversation with loren was let's see how far we can go. Evaluating the first few strokes, the pain has already kicked in which usually happens in 4th or 5th min of the swim. I'm thinking of getting out - I stop for a second and watch loren, Mike, Brian and Darren(in a lighter wetsuit in the water). I convince myself push for another few mins and I bump into loren and ask him if we should turn back, Loren's words were no let's go further. I duck my head swim further and I cannot believe that this was happening (water is bloody cold a mean 1C(33.8F). We have gone as far as we went last week(wow!!!). I was quick in turning back to swim to the tent. Everybody said that my stroke was calm and had a great rhythm on my way back. In my mind, I was struggling, splashing, I was anxious to get back to the beach and my fear was if I stopped here, How the hell will I walk back on the beach (with the air temp in the negatives). I convince myself that it is easier to swim back than quitting here. Overall, today's swim was magical. I have no idea how we did, what we did this morning. I have to thank the CREW "STEVE, MARTY, FRANCE(and Sophie), ALAN, MIKE on kayak, BRIAN on kayak and DARREN OSBORNE in the water" for helping us push the barrier.

A great cup of coffee at Brett's LOCT!!! Brett, thanks for creating a great post swim coffee forum!! 

Madhu Nagarajs