Sunday December 21, 2015 Swim Report

Wow!! It was a magical swim this morning. Although, Steve had communicated with me about this plan to bring his team down to the beach. I had trouble getting out of bed (partially, I was still recovering from yesterday's swim).  I some how got to the beach before 7:15 am. Everybody in the team was on the beach ready for us to jump. We had Brett and Brian on the kayak. Darren in the drysuit and manning the VRB Garmin. Mike manning his expensive camera and Steve and Marty leading the land crew. Alan, Dave and Mel supporting us an crew on the beach. Steve's team arrived on the beach at 7:30 am. Love those Orange jerseys. The neat part is I know so many of the crazy athletes who train with Steve (you need to be a tiny bit crazy to hang out with Steve – as it is not about running).  Thanks Steve and team for setting the stage for us. It was a neat energy. I had no clue as to how the swim would turn out today. I usually, compare my experience from the previous swims and it was bang on matched my yesterdays experience (it was bloody cold, My feet started hurting as I walked in). Loren has the ability to walk until waist deep and I have trouble doing so. I always seek positive vibes from people around me and Loren, Brett, Brian and Darren in the water is very comforting for me (I have to get out of this comfort zone and be really solo in Chile). We jumped in and within the first couple of minutes I had to pause as my face, feet, fingers were hurting so badly. Loren was on his backstroke and I simply followed loren, Brett and Brian. We had a good swim, It was really magical and I have no idea as to how I went that far and I felt a tiny bit comfortable pushing through the swim (maybe, we have learned to tolerate the pain). The crew, kayak and water support and everybody worked like clock work. I'm so glad to hang out with a great group of people, all accomplished athletes, professionals and most of all good people. Thanks for all the support.

This is Awesome!!

It isn't about swimming or running!!