The "Community" of Magellan

When a swim is unique it can sometimes be difficult to plan logistics, and start you thinking "am I doing the right thing here?  Am I preparing correctly?" With something like the English Channel you have the comfort of a large community of people that have completed the swim (many of them multiple times) and a lot of information - not so much with the Strait of Magellan.  Few have successfully crossed, and being so relatively remote to us, information even about the launch point, and exact distance is tough to come by!

Madhu recently reached out to Scott Lautman and Randy Perkins who both successfully crossed the Strait in 2009 and 2013 respectively. They were happy to share their experiences with Madhu, and assure him that he is doing everything right - which gives you huge peace of mind, coming from successful crossers such as them!

It also helps to know that we are working with the de-facto expert in Chile for swimming crossing -  Claudia Nelyda Molkembuhr Sapunar. Claudia is handling all the logistics for the swim, from the details of transport, lodgings and food to the paperwork to engage the Chilean Navy and observers for the swim. She has been wonderful in assuring us that we will be well taken care of, and all Madhu has to do is show up and swim!

Swimming is a fantastic community, and a core tenant of that community is support and sharing - that you can email someone out of the blue and they are willing to help you with whatever assurance or information you need speaks volumes - and as for support - this email from Scott to Madhu says it all:

"Relax, nerves are good.   If you are swimming in 1C now you will have no trouble with 4-6C.  Remember that the air temp is going to be much warmer than where you are training, and that makes a HUGE difference. You might get lucky and have air temps in the mid to upper 50’s near 60F. The combination of 4C and  4C air or lower is really difficult for me.  When the air temp is reasonable I can put up with a lot!  You will do fine!  You will get across!

Threw [in] a few pics of the finish, dolphins and Punta Del Gada!  See attached [below].  Great memories!"

And we look forward to creating some of our own. That is why we call this website, and really believe that It's Not About Swimming.