We received word today that as of right now - tomorrow is a go (Tuesday).  Swim is planned for 1PM local (11am EST) - SPOT is, well, not connected yet - not 100% sure that we will have it connecting for tomorrow - but as soon as is possible I will update everyone as to the result if the SPOT is not working.

In any case - visit our homepage - if the SPOT is working - you can follow it there - if not - well you get a pretty picture of the world anyhow :)

Feeling all your good energy and good wishes - we have a fantastic beautiful swim this afternoon (I have photo evidence of being fully in the water myself - for those of you that really know me - pick yourselves up off the floor!) the local people kept stopping to take pictures - they could not believe the loco Canadian swimming in the water (which I might add was 11C - we do not expect that at the crossing point - but were floored at the temperature!!!)

Looking forward to a beautiful, and successful swim!