So much happened. There is no way that I could , at this point, put into words the days experience.  Highs and lows, anger and frustration. Concern, relief and acceptance. Happiness, sadness, appreciation and joy. Thankfulness.  At some point though the day, I experienced every one of those emotions, and more that I cannot even find the words to express. I had a lot of time to think about the result of this swim, and rather than try to explain it in different words, I will just repeat what I posted on Facebook, as it sums up some of the raw emotion that I experienced on the bus ride back to Punta Arenas.

“This was successful swim. 

Success is not defined just by the completion of the task - we define it just by stepping in the water to attempt the task!

This swim may not have ultimately concluded on the far shore of the Strait of Magellan - but it was none the less an extraordinary success. 

Remember - It's Not About Swimming. Nothing could be more true here. We have met lots of amazing people and made new friends, experienced great food, and had it reinforced over and over that it does not matter the language you speak or what you look like - we are all one people that share the experience of life in this planet! That is ultimately much more valuable than swimming from one shore to another. 

Madhu fought in the water today and pushed the very limit of human capability. Conditions may have denied the bonus of a full crossing- but Madhu was ultimately successful because of all of our friends old and new - coming together in peace and love to support him and each other. 

So thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making this a successful swim!


That night we shared a wonderful evening with the other swimmers and friends and family of Claudia’s – it was a birthday party for her daughter Martina, and we were honored to be able to share that with them. We shared lamb that had been roasted on an open for 4 hours, a local “must have” drink called Pisco (a bottle WILL be coming home with me!), lots of wine and beer and laughs.  I think it was the perfect ending to a day that none of us will ever forget!

So as I write this on Thursday, we still have 4 days to explore this wonderful area – penguins, restored 1800’s exploration ships, a cemetery to rival that in Cuba for artistic merit, and maybe sneaking in a bit of fishing to boot… our experience here so far will be hard to top – but we will take our best efforts at it! ☺