LOST Polar Bear Dip 2015

As many of you know, Madhu is a founder and member of LOST - Lake Ontario Swim Team, which is a group of like-minded open-water swimmers that congregate every Saturday morning at the foot of Navy St. in Oakville for a swim in our wonderful lake.

Every year LOST also hosts a Polar Bear Dip - while not as big as the Courage Brothers Polar Bear Dip (which is reported as the largest in Canada!) it is nevertheless a lot of fun with a group of friends. This year we had about 35 dippers out - with just as many spectators! Ages ranged from about 11 years to older (not allowed to weigh in on the top end of the age group!) - and was great fun for everyone.  Our stars were Loren, Mark and of course Madhu - who showed the group that a head dip was not the only way to celebrate the New Year - but a full on actual swim was the way to go (check out the video below to see what a difference training makes - from the quick run in dunk and run out to the casual backstroke that Loren displayed - and yes, it was the SAME 1C water!). 

Afterwards we all went to Bean There, which is our local coffee shop for athletes and friends alike - hosted by Brett and Lambrina. Bean There has been a staple in our training regiment - Madhu always looks forward to warming up and laughing with friends there after our Saturday training swims - I think that is the part that he will miss the most when coming out of the Strait in a few weeks!

We have little video below of the swim, as well as some fantastic pictures by Bruce and some others by myself on our Flickr Page (https://www.flickr.com/photos/107504863@N04/). If you are in the Oakville area on a Saturday morning, even if you are not a swimmer, you MUST come out to the LOST swim (Early June - Late September) and say hi, and then join us for a coffee and chat at Brett's.

Less than 3 weeks until we get on a plane to bring this great adventure to it's climax - don't forget to watch the website for reports from Chile, and hopefully a live tracking of the actual swim as it happens! And as always, thanks for your words of encouragement and support!