Madhu Nagaraja – Straits of Magellan 2015

Madhu Nagaraja is an ordinary man that does extraordinary things.

Madhu is currently training to become the 22nd person to successfully swim across the Straits of Magellan in January 2015. More people have been to outer space than to have swum across the Straits of Magellan! This crossing is rarely completed due to unpredictable fierce winds, sea conditions and extreme cold-water temperatures (sub 5°C). The strait is famous for having brought down some monster ships in the history.

For Madhu it is not just about completing the challenge – it is about building teams that can work together to push the barriers of human achievements, it’s about building friendships, communities and memories that last forever - It's Not About The Swimming

Join Madhu and his team as we embark on this exciting new journey!

Read blog posts from training, and browse our image gallery to see Madhu and his support crew in action, and when the date arrives - follow the swim here!

Want to know what it takes to be a marathon swimmer?
In 2012 Madhu successfully crossed Lake Ontario in 24h 26min - watch this videos to get a glimpse into the drive and passion that Madhu has for this sport, and the challenges he overcame to finish that monster challenge!


You can help us achieve this incredible goal by donating any amount of money.  10% of every dollar raised will be donated to the Courage Brothers Polar Bear Dip for World Vision. Read more here or donate now:

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