In January of 2015 I attempted to become only the 22nd person to successfully swim across the Straits of Magellan in southern Chile – approximately a 3-4 km swim. This may be one of the shorter distances that I swam, but it is by far the biggest challenge. I will faced sub 5 degree Celsius water temperatures, extreme currents and tides, and weather that can change on a dime. Only 21 people have completed this difficult challenge, more people have been to space than have swum across this strait!

I put together Team Chile 2015 to help me prepare. We worked for two years to make this swim happen. Planning started in January of 2013, and I have been training on dry land and in the water since September of 2013. There were many moving parts to this swim, including the Chilean Navy who was involved in keeping the swim safe.

We never could have made this attempt with out each and every supporter that donated to the team - thank you all for your support!


Louise Hyder-Darlington
Vivek Shinde
Chandra Kumar
Rajita Bhavaraju
Chris Ramsay
Shawn Sasse
Mark Tan
Eileen F Luxton
Srihari Bindiganavale
Steve Ellison
Jayadev Munimallappa
Bina Joe
Andrew Sweeney

Juergen Dr Kreft
Rao Rajesh
Deepak Narayanaswamy
Samantha Harper
Richard Zilavec

Madhu Bangalore Easwariah
France Jolicoeur
Loren King
Joel Ruddy
John MacKay
Peter Von Euw
Darren Osborne

David Brezer
Derek Oke
Brian Graham
Suresh Muddaveerappa
Anoop Chawla
Krisen Kuppusamy

Dr. H Sandra Simpson
Richard Paradis
Sunil Shah
Suzanne Thompson
Kathleen Chan
Prabhu R
ETX Software Ltd.
Dominique Rousseau
Lynn Rodgers
Suzanne Ruginis

Deborah Elliot
Dr. Manjunath
Krin Tang
Jack Schachner
Anoop and Anetter Chawla
Bapu Satyanarayana
Pat Keller
Carol Macpherson
Bobbi Callison
Kallanna And Cathy Manjunath
Karin Tang Kwan Hoi